For safety and development reasons, all Under 6 – Under 14 junior activity participants (Nippers) must complete a proficiency evaluation prior to being able to participate in any water activity on beach days, training days, or at carnivals.

In order to participate in an evaluation children MUST have a completed registration, including payment of fees.

The 2023/2024 proficiency evaluation requirements are listed in the table below:

  • U6-U7 – Pool only, front glide, recovery, dive to retrieve, float
  • U8 – 25m pool swim plus scull, dive, flat, tread water components
  • U9 – all U9 Nippers must attend a club proficiency session for both their pool swim and ocean swim. Proficiency consists of two parts:

    • Part 1 – Pool Swim: 200m, plus float, tread water, dive;
    • Part 2 – Ocean Swim: 150m – as per SLSA Surf Sports Manual.
  • U10 – U14 – As per U9s, proficiency consists consists of two parts. This season ALL U10 – U14 Nippers will need to complete their pool swim at a club proficiency session PRIOR to attempting their Ocean Swim.
    • Part 1 – Pool Swim: 200m, plus float, tread water, dive;
    • Part 2 – Ocean Swim: 150m-288m – as per SLSA Surf Sports Manual.
    • NOTE: Both parts must be completed to be deemed competition proficient. 
    • NOTE: Children will NOT be able to attempt the ocean swim without attending and passing a club pool assessment session.

If intending to participate in carnivals the proficiency evaluation must be completed prior to their first carnival (even if only planning to do sand events). 

** Any Nippers intending to compete at Forster Carnival or our early Branch carnivals will need to complete their proficiencies early in order to be eligible to compete **       

    • Date #1 as yet unconfirmed
    • Date #2 as yet unconfirmed

You only have to attend ONE of the above days.


  • We acknowledge and recognise that all of our Nippers have been disadvantaged by our extended COVID situation over the past few years and affected by the closure of swimming pools, cancellation of lessons/squads and LGA restrictions.
  • The proficiency is used as a guide to ensure our Nippers safety on beach days. As a committee, we are planning how we can best help our Nippers to achieve their proficiency throughout the season and your child will always be welcome to participate in Nipper activities, either with one-on-one water safety or modified activities. Please contact Annie at or Jason at if you would like to discuss further.
  • Proficiency is a requirement for ALL nippers
  • Nippers MUST have a completed registration (including payment of fees) 48 hours prior to attending a proficiency day so that your Nipper’s name is on our list. If they aren’t on the list they can’t participate unfortunately. PLEASE read and understand this as we have parents get upset every year when they are turned away from a proficiency assessment due to incomplete registration. This is out of our hands as we are not allowed to do any formal activity with children in the water without them being registered first.
  • ALL nippers MUST wear a hi-vis pink singlet at the beach. Nippers without a hi-vis pink singlet will NOT be permitted to enter the water. Pink singlets are nor required for pool swims.
  • U9-U14 nippers must satisfactorily complete the pool swim prior to attempting the ocean swim.

 * Surf swim is to be completed to an acceptable standard under the supervision of accredited Hunter Branch assessors.

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